Well, it took a little more than 24 hours, but this post from yesterday morning now has more than 10,000 notes (reblogs, replies, or likes) on Tumblr:

It’s February 1, so you know Twitter is lighting up with white people — mostly teenagers, which makes me so incredibly depressed — who are just baffled or angry about the fact that there’s no white history month when there’s a black history month.

There are thousands of these; I just grabbed a few for posterity.

This is my first post to reach the 10K Tumblr milestone; the closest I’ve ever been is this post about Ari Fleischer’s charitable giving from last month, which is a bit short of 5,000 notes.

Basically, screenshots of people’s ridiculous tweets are Tumblr gold.

I should note, though, that this particular post has also drawn a few thousand non-Tumblr readers to my blog over the past day, thanks to Facebook sharing, and posts linking to my blog on Feministing.com and on the Cracked.com forum.

In other words, everyone likes screenshots of people’s ridiculous tweets.

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