Poetic Irony?

My young friend who blogs at Rightsided replied to my previous post about Beyoncé’s Lip Sync:

One could probably find some poetic irony in it.

This isn’t actually a good example of “poetic irony,” as there’s no poetry involved here. But I’m guessing the comment is really just some sort of misguided dig at the president and that my young friend meant plain old irony, which he then confused with “poetic justice.”

I say it’s a misguided dig because there’s one thing I know for sure — President Obama doesn’t lip sync:


My young friend wrote a response to this post, in which he agreed that President Obama doesn’t lip sync: “aw, but he sure does love his teleprompter.”

To which I responded:

Honestly, what is with the idiotic fascinating with using a teleprompter? Is this supposed to prove or highlight something, apart from a desire to say the words that are written in the speech and not make an error? When I lecture, I use notes and I can’t imagine anyone thinking this is some sort of character defect, but I’m sure you have a good reason for the unending references amongst conservatives to Obama’s use of the teleprompter. It proves something, right? Nah, just more foolish nonsense.

His response:

If one truly believes what one is saying, there is no need to be told what to say.

In other words, more foolish nonsense.

I can’t imagine living in a world where all speeches were off-the-cuff and filled with nothing other than one’s beliefs, where nothing was written down, where everything was either memorized or completely ad lib. I’m sure that would make for much better and more thoughtful politics. Or, the exact opposite.

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