Lip Sync

I lip synced my lecture on John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government this morning and none of my students noticed, which made it that much more impressive as a performance.

On a related note, but with regard to Beyoncé, why does anyone care if she did or did not lip sync her performance at the presidential inauguration? Do we really not have any problems that need to be addressed today?

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    If the recent week’s events say anything it’s that America doesn’t like things to be fake. Te’o, Lance, The dude who...
  2. rightsided said: One could probably find some poetic irony in it.
  3. politicalprof said: Yo Yo Ma cello synced in 2009 … it was way too cold to bring his $1,000,000 cello out into the open air.
  4. apoplecticskeptic said: I only care that the truth prevails… not whether she lipsynced (which is a hilarious gripe, given how manufactured ALL pop music is these days before it leaves the studio). But I guess people feel lied to. Which is how I feel about this “news.”
  5. kaash said: Haha, Ari, I think your posts are living proof that political commentary on blogs can be funny without it being either passive-aggressive or compromising on content. This made me laugh/think so much!
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