Why I Voted

There was a whole lot of discussion back in late summer and early fall about whether or not one should vote for a candidate about whose actions one had serious moral qualms. Back then, I wrote about my choice between the two viable presidential candidates:

[T]he policies that have made me (and likely a lot of other liberals) less excited about Obama over the past few years are policies that Romney would either continue or expand if elected. The possibility of war won’t be lessened with Romney in the Oval Office; nor will the prison at Guantanamo Bay be closed; nor will human rights be better respected; nor will the death penalty be abolished; nor will drone strikes be brought to a halt; and on and on.

And the policies with which I have been at least moderately pleased (especially social policies but some fiscal ones too) — and some longer-standing policies, especially regarding women’s rights — are, in a possible Romney administration, likely be reversed or undone. He and Paul Ryan have made promises to this effect and their plans — such as they are — seem ruinous to me, not only of the relatively fragile economy but of the whole notion of an interconnectedness amongst a citizenry.

Today, as I watched both the inauguration coverage and the disturbing tweets from people who wished for the assassination of President Obama, I was reminded of another good reason for my vote: Because these people and others like them are voters too.

These racist wingunts aren’t average Romney/Ryan supporters, to be sure, and I don’t want anyone to mistake that I’m somehow equating those two groups of people. That said, there’s no mistaking which way these racists wanted the election to go and there’s no mistaking my feeling of satisfaction at seeing any of their hopes dashed or their goals thwarted.

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