Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Campaigns!

With the inauguration now out of the way, who ya got in 2016?

Give me your Republican and Democratic nominees, along with your eventual winner. We’ll revisit these in a few years and see how you did.

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  1. hungryghoast reblogged this from b-rar and added:
    It’s depressing how many honest/serious answers there are in the notes to this. so much pointless sadness. For the...
  2. b-rar answered: Skeletor (R-Greyskull) v. Cobra Commander (D-CLASSIFIED)
  3. hungryghoast answered: at class tonight I said I was voting for Zod in 2016
  4. passiveaggressivepositivity answered: Bobby Jindal vs. either Cuomo or Gillibrand from NY. The Dem winning again.
  5. b-rar reblogged this from kohenari and added:
    Skeletor (R-Greyskull) v. Cobra Commander (D-CLASSIFIED)
  6. thebesstuffonearth said: Clinton/biden 2016, because fuck you GOP.
  7. rationworld answered: R- George P. Bush, D- Cory Booker. Winner- Booker.
  8. beerburritowhiskey answered: "I think I’m going to go with Clinton v. Huntsman in 2016…" FTFY
  9. thepoliticalnotebook said: I always get this kind of thing wrong. But… I’ll go with Cuomo. (I think Clinton really might not run. sadface.gif) versus Christie, though that’s pretty northeast-heavy.
  10. pinkoscum answered: Chris Christie and Cory Booker are the first two that come to my mind
  11. squashed reblogged this from kohenari and added:
    This far out? It’s too early to even talk intelligently about it. I don’t think Hillary Clinton will run. If she does...
  12. waitingonoblivion answered: Biden v Rubio - President Biden, 1 term.
  13. holly-jenna answered: GOP nominee - Bob McDonnell, Democratic nominee - I’ll go bold w/ my awesome homestate senator, Amy Klobuchar, and predict she’ll win big!
  14. fuckingold answered: Marco Rubio, a Bush family member, Chris Christie vs. Hillary, Cuomo
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