Tumblr Loves Iranian Film

In my last post, I made a snarky comment about the whole notion that the government of Iran is going to make a film that responds to the inaccuracies in “Argo” and now a whole bunch of Tumblr bloggers are very excited to see such a film … either because Ben Affleck is a notorious propagandist or because state-sponsored Iranian films have a stellar track record when it comes to entertainment.

Here are some of the response to my post:

1. Looking forward to it. All the Iranian flicks I have seen thus far have been excellent.

2Ataollah Salmanian is probably a better director than Ben Affleck.

3. Going to be tracking this one.

4. mannn i haven’t seen a persian movie in so long.

5Actually quite want to see this…

6. The fim will probably end up being a more accurate account, and therefore will be ignored by American audiences. Woops.

7. From what I’ve heard about the difference between the actual events and the events depicted in Argo, it looks like Iran is about drop a truth-bomb on America. Hopefully Argo won’t win an Oscar, otherwise it’s just going to make it much more embarrassing - “Oscar Winning Film Actually Completely Full of Shit”

I haven’t seen “Argo” because I have small children so I don’t get to see movies in the theatre. But I can only conclude from these comments either that a) it is the worst movie ever made; b) it opens with a crawler that says, “This is the definitive historical truth  of actual events, much like the way that “300” is an exact retelling of the battle of Thermopylae; or c) Tumblr bloggers are the sort of Iranian cinephiles that the Grand Ayatollah has long been attempting to create.

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