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It is becoming increasingly clear to me that my youngest child suffers from some sort of milk-induced insanity.

To wit:

Every time I sit down to give her a bottle, she begins thrashing around, flailing her arms and legs, making horrific grunting and choking noises, and spitting milk. This causes me to remove the bottle.

At which point she becomes a complete rage monster.

So the bottle returns. And the above repeats.

After two or three iterations, she calms down and drinks happily from the bottle. When she finishes the bottle and I try a second bottle, the above repeats as though she has never taken a bottle before in her young life, let alone thirty-five seconds ago.

Please advise or commiserate.

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  1. f-etch said: Agree with #breakthecitysky…
  2. breakthecitysky said: What size nipple are you using? We switched ours up at one point and had issues much like you described, and realized the flow was too fast. Could also be teething - sometimes the gums are so sore they don’t tolerate much.
  3. waitingonoblivion said: my niece and other niece both having the same problem at around 5 months. Seems like early teething making it uncomfortable to suckle the bottle.
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