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Last semester’s course evaluations are in for my course on ancient political philosophy — which I call “Justice and the Good Life” — and I thought I’d post some of the highlights. As is the case every semester, students reported that they were overworked but that — by and large — they enjoyed themselves. And, as in previous semesters, every time one student made a suggestion for improvement, three or four students said the exact opposite:

  1. “More feminist perspectives if possible.”
  2. "I joined this course thinking it was about the Nebraskan justice system … I did enjoy it though."
  3. "I was surprised at how much I applied [the material] to my actual life."
  4. "Don’t assume we know anything about ancient Greece or Rome. This is your area of expertise, we don’t care. If not for this class we would have never cared."
  5. "[Kohen] gets very opinionated when talking about racists on his blog."
  6. "[Kohen] is very passionate and excited about the course material, or [he] pretends to be very well.”
  7. "As respectful and tolerant as the Dutch."
  8. "He’s a cutie."
  9. “Dr. Kohen is hilarious. I think he teaches this class the only way it can be taught, through question & answer & discussion — he makes people defend themselves.”
  10. “Needs to stop voicing opinions in class.”

Of course, modesty required that I leave out all the ones that said I was brilliant, charming, and that celebrated all of the choices I made with the assignments. But, then, see #8 again.

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    Number 2 for the win. The class is called “Justice and the Good Life.” The person writes that s/he thought it was about...
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  3. melee5000 said: I have two favorite evaluations. The negative one: “Her lectures were so unclear, I had to read the book.” The positive one: “SHE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!” in large letters, exclamation points, and underlined.
  4. tiptoelightlypastmymind said: I regret not being able to take any of your classes while at UNL (just graduated), as they sound great. But then again, as a music education major and not a political science major, I really never saw the light of day outside of the music building :P
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