Some Pretty Great Responses

Earlier today, I completely trolled the Tumblr wingnut community posted a funny picture of how extraordinarily outgunned the liberty-loving Americans are against the tyrannical government they fear.

Here are just a few of the pretty fantastic responses.

First, there’s the notion that handguns are going to keep people free from governmental control:

the people “stock piling” hand guns are not afraid that the government is trying to kill them.  the fear is that the government is aiming to control them.  pay attention.

Then this one, which points out that trident submarines might not be so helpful to the government so the wingnuts are in pretty good shape after all:

Except that in a hypothetical situation in which there is an armed rebellion against the government many of the government’s own weapons would not be practical for civil warfare.

Also this good one:

Thanks for enforcing your belief in the cult of the omnipotent state. Enjoy your perpetual submission.

But there’s my favorite one, which revolves are the notion that Americans are especially good at fighting for freedom and that the military, which is filled with wingnuts, will turn the goverment’s own overwhelming firepower against it:

You seem to forget, it would be Americans against tyranny, something we have always been rather good at. And fortunately for us, our military tends to lean politically toward us Tea Party wingnuts.

But, anyhow, I hope you all know I’ve just been posting this stuff to identify whose bunker I want to hole up in when the Final Battle for our Freedom gets underway. It seems like these four have most of it figured out, so I’m going to ask for their addresses in private …

Good luck to the rest of you.

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    Omg that picture.
  3. vstr said: although we have different opinions on certain matters, I found the picture pretty spot on.
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    I base that statement on the fact that Roughly 500 senior military officials endorsed Mitt Romney and Romney beat Obama...
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