i just want to say, the cute little banner titled "i'm voting," under the politics tag is a SUBLIMINAL GLYPH and very easily identified to anyone who studies or is aware of occult sigils. not only is its circumference and inscription a pagan symbol, but also note the color correspondence of "i'm voting," opposed to the bottom of the sigil which is in blue to denote subordinance. i'm not some crazy hippie conspirator, but when i see shit like that it infuriates me. Food for thought. regards, Josh

I really like when I get messages like this because A) I literally have no idea what this person is talking about and B) “I’m not some crazy hippie conspirator” runs in direct opposition to every other word that makes up the rest of the message.

Thanks for reading and for getting in touch; you’ve brightened my evening with all this obtuse talk of sigils and glyphs!

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  1. shortformblog said: Holy freakin’ McDonald’s that’s some good crazy talk.
  2. politicalprof said: I got the same message, and offered a similar reply…
  3. alice44 said: I went looking — and I have to admit now that tags are virtually hidden I no longer look for them and finding one you do not follow has gotten harder. I looked and looked and have no idea what this comment is about.
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