I strongly disagree with their decisions. Providing preferential treatment to illegals while increasing taxes on legal Nebraska citizens is misguided, misplaced and inappropriate.

So says Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, in a prepared statement, after having two of his four vetoes overriden in the final day of the legislature’s session.

The governor predicted that the 2012 legislative session will be remembered most for providing free health care for illegal residents while allowing cities to raise sales taxes on legal residents — referring to the lawmakers’ override of another veto.


Despite lobbying by Heineman and other foes of the bill, only one previous supporter — Sen. Tom Seiler of Hastings — switched from supporting the measure to opposing the override.

A gasp could be heard in the legislative chamber when the 30th vote — the minimum needed to override the veto — was cast. Tears filled the eyes of supporters like Skolkin, as they exchanged hugs outside the chamber.

Heineman warned of long-lasting political ramifications for senators who supported the overrides of the prenatal care bill and half-cent local-option sales tax measure.

Nothing like a little Doomsday forecasting by Governor Heineman for those politicians who disagreed with him. After all, how could anyone possibly come to a different conclusion about what it means to be pro-life in this instance? Heineman somehow seems to believe that state support for prenatal care is the obvious pro-life position:

Governor Dave Heineman said he agrees with a recent email from one Nebraskan, which said, “I’m pro-life, I’m Catholic and what part of illegal do you not understand.”

Heineman himself clarified that he really does support prenatal care for everyone … so long as the state isn’t paying for it (and, therefore, it’s not guaranteed to everyone):

"We support prenatal care, but in the case of illegals, it should be done by private charities or private organizations."

Calling this a “pro-life” position is, I wager, one of more impressive abuses of language you’ll see today.

Read more here.

Then, if you’d like, read what I wrote about the whole affair as it evolved (here and here).

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