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Last semester’s course evaluations are in and I thought I’d post some of the highlights. As is the case every semester, students reported that they were overworked but that — by and large — they enjoyed themselves. And, as in previous semesters, every time one student made a suggestion for improvement, three or four students said the exact opposite:

  1. "The warnings I received from past students accurately described the professor so I was not surprised!"
  2. "Good use of humor, but a little heavy on the sarcasm."
  3. "Lectures really clarified the sometimes mind-bogglingly complicated texts."
  4. "Kohen is hilarious, extremely knowledgeable and doesn’t take any crap."
  5. "Other than the fact I probably am not going to pass, I like everything about this course."
  6. "I think it should be cross-listed as a philosophy class."
  7. "Has a very high opinion of himself and his personal beliefs."
  8. "I always appreciate the way he can take on the philosophy of whomever we are studying at the time in order to give us a clear picture of their work."
  9. "I expected a little more relevance to general international relations and comparative politics."
  10. "Gives really good examples of different applications of the theory texts to modern day events."

Of course, modesty required that I leave out all the ones that said I was brilliant, charming, and not-at-all tough on the eyes. But, then, see #7 again.

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