The Blog:
Ari Kohen’s Blog is principally devoted to human rights, political theory, and pop culture. It was formerly known as Running Chicken because it’s poultry in motion.

The Author:

Ari Kohen is Schlesinger Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. He teaches courses in the history of political thought, as well as on topics related to human rights and restorative justice. Kohen also co-hosts a weekly podcast on heroism, the topic of his current research.

The Books:
In Defense of Human RightsUntangling Heroism

Selected Articles:
The Possibility of Secular Human Rights:Alan Gewirth and the Principle of Generic Consistency (2005)

The Problem of Secular Sacredness: Ronald Dworkin, Michael Perry, and Human Rights Foundationalism (2006)

The Personal and the Political: Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Restorative Justice (2009)

A Case of Moral Heroism: Sympathy, Personal Identification, and Mortality in Rwanda (2010)

Personal and Political Reconciliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda (2011, with Michael Zanchelli and Levi Drake)

Plato’s Heroic Vision: The Difficult Choices of the Socratic Life (2011)

Tumbling Political Theory (2014)

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